About Us

We're more than just another pretty face

Advertise your business the more efficient way … ON THE INTERNET!

Who Are We

Real people you can rely on to get the online presence your business needs. Let us earn your trust.

Our Mission

To accomplish what we promised you we would deliver. Quickly and efficiently!

What We Do

We deliver high quality dynamic business graphics through web development, as well as host and maintain your website so you can focus on running your business.

Our History

DB Graphics, was born from a desire to create a website for my husband’s locksmith business.  Originally the D and B stood for Debra and Bill (my husband). I was taking design classes at Chattanooga State and one of my projects was to create a logo for my business. I thought of DB Graphics and the logo was created.  In 2005 I began doing freelance web design. In 2006, Jose Cruz and I began working together on numerous projects. Jose brought an eye for design in the fine arts since his training was in charcoal, pastels, and graphite, where my background was more technical. We began our new web design business in 2007, Dynamic Business Graphics, aka db graphics.  We created a new business partnership that will continue to offer our clients honest, reliable and creative services and web design. Technology may have changed over the years, but our desire to give our client the best possible designs will always remain the same.

And speaking of our clients, we have been blessed to work with some of the best around. We start out as strangers but we’ll end as friends. We hope we can add YOU to our long list of satisfied clients.

At db graphics, we’re more than just another pretty face.

How It Works

Answer Your Questions

Either we meet in person or communicate via email or phone. We'll ask pertinent questions getting all the information you'll provide to get your project rolling.

We Analyse & Plan

We will conduct all the research that is required including brainstorming the design. We keep you in the loop
every step of the way!
Web design with YOU in mind!

We Deliver & Launch

After delivering high quality dynamic business graphics through web development, we host and maintain your website so you can focus on running your business.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t claim to reinvent the wheel. We utilize some of the best website platforms and the latest CMS (content management system) available to speed up the process of getting your website done, providing your business with the online presence it needs for the the 21st century. ASAP!

Before we even begin building a project, we take your budget into account and work with you every step of the way! With db graphics, there is NEVER a “fine print”.

While building your site, we optimize every possible solution for a seamless Internet experience.

With over 15 years of experience in the web developing field and graphic design work, db graphics has been proven to be honest and reliable quickly building up a special camaraderie with their clients.


How long will it take you to build my website?

Usually within 90 days or less. However, that all depends on you. After our initial meeting (either in person, phone or by correspondence), we expect you to send us all the information about your company or business. Without it, we cannot proceed. With the powerful and popular website platforms that we utilize, there is no reason why we can finish a site in less than 30 days, provided all the verbiage is supplied by the client.

How long do I get support?

Support is included in our hosting & maintenance plans. Once the site is finished, we give the client six months of free support, whether they host with us or not. After the six months, you can choose a hosting & maintenance plan, maintenance only plan or hosting only plan with us. We'll work with you on which is best for you. If you chose to host with another host provider, we can still maintain your site for a nominal fee. For those who chose the hosting & maintenance plan or maintenance only plan, support is for as long as you own your website or you switch to a no maintenance plan or transfer to another hosting company.

Do I own the site once you build it for me?

Yes, provided payment is made in full once the site is finished. After that, you can continue benefiting from our hosting & maintenance plans or we can have your site transferred to another host provider of your choosing.
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